The Clarity Clinic

Do your presentations have a logical flow?
When you look out at your audience, do you see blank stares?
Are your ideas failing to get across the finish line?

No matter how large or small your presentation, clarity is king! A confused mind says no! The height of clarity is sustaining a line of thought long enough to demonstrate meaningful impact that is relevant to your listener.

Is clarity simply a matter of putting your ideas in the proper sequence?

Many presentations are unclear because the speaker gives the audience too many ideas to mentally digest. Additionally, the main points are often under developed or they compete with one another. This faulty approach forces the audience to work too hard to connect to the controlling idea.

Puzzled faces and blank stares are the universal sign that your content is unclear.
How much faster could you advance your ideas if they were clearer?

What if there was a systematic process for validating the clarity of your ideas?

Welcome to the Clarity Clinic!

The Clarity Clinic is a workshop designed to teach presenters how to use clear and concise language to methodically solve problems. The goal is to turn chaos into order by precisely expressing ideas.

The Clarity Clinic is customizable to meet client needs up to eight hours. Upon completion, participants will learn how to:

  • Meticulously prepare for maximum clarity.
  • Position the audience to make a well informed decision.
  • Present in a logical manner that clearly conveys meaning.

The Clarity Clinic teaches presenters how to give context to ideas for increased understanding, expedite the decision making process and lead the audience to desirable conclusions.

Benefits to the presenters:

  • Learn to organize ideas in a pattern or sequence
  • Eliminate confusion
  • Increase acceptance of ideas and proposals

Benefits to the organization:

  • Transform the complex into the simple.
  • Capture attention of target audience.
  • Advance ideas and objectives.