One to Some – Small Group Presentations

A small group presentation (20 or less) is often the most effective delivery method for sparking action. Presenting to small groups requires a high level of skill because the setting lends itself to open dialogue.

Done properly, the rewards are great. Each audience member should feel like your message was meant especially for them

Presenters will learn to:

  1. Communicate with ease and natural style.
  2. Communicate using understandable, relevant and meaningful language.
  3. Deliver lively and effective presentations.
  4. Deliver persuasive presentations.
  5. Seamlessly incorporate charts, graphs, figures and illustrations into presentations.

Session Design:

  1. We meet in a predetermined location.
  2. Assess the situation.
  3. Identify and understand the target.
  4. Establish desired outcome.
  5. Create or evaluate your existing presentation for structure and emotional triggers.
  6. Determine presentation structure.
  7. Develop content.
  8. Practice, delivery, feedback.

Your minimal time investment is three hours.