One to None – Video Practice

The presenter who properly prepares considers all three phases of the presentation; before, during and after. Each phase is equally important but the “before” phase is the most critical. There’s a direct correlation between your preparation and your delivery. Preparation reverberates throughout each phase of your presentation. The better prepared you are (before), the better your delivery (during) and the better you feel (after).

The 1 to None session involves you, a well written script and a video camera. The purpose is to teach presenters how to practice properly. Your video camera does most of the coaching in this session. Your key responsibility is knowing what to look for.

Presenters will learn:

  1. How to operate and position video camera for optimal results.
  2. How to identify areas of improvement.
  3. How to independently improve presentation skills.

Session Design:

  1. We meet in a predetermined location.
  2. We discuss and set up your camera or recording device.
  3. We record a 10 minute segment of your presentation.
  4. Establish desired outcome.
  5. Discuss and demonstrate how to identify areas for improvement.
  6. Practice
  7. Refer to written reminders.

Your minimal time investment is one hour.