The only obstacle standing between you and your business goals is your ability to persuade influencers to (literally & figuratively)buy into your ideas. With the right amount of effort, landing the appointment is the easy part. The real challenge is, will you say the right words in the right way once you’re across the table from the right person. Across the table meaning standing on a stage, looking into a camera or literally sitting across the table.

I’m glad to know that most presenters prepare insanely before an executive conversation or presentation. I’m sad to know the majority of those very same presenters prepare incorrectly.

A well-intended action but common mistake is to put too much content in the presentation (content overload). Instead of cramming everything you know into your presentation, focus on using fewer words to establish deeper and longer lasting connections. This is where professional coaching will dramatically reduce your learning curve and get you to your presentation goals faster.

Whether conversation or presentation the secret to making your big ideas stick is to strategically weave them in the discussion as the unequivocal answer to the listener’s problem. This can be accomplished in several different ways.
My private coaching programs are designed to help you prepare for your next executive conversation or presentation. When our work is complete you will communicate with confidence, clarity and connection.

Programs (Customizable to any size audience)

  • 1 to None – Video Practice 
  • 1 to One – Role Play for Executive Conversations and Presentations 
  • 1 to Some – Small Group presentations 
  • 1 to A Ton – Large Group presentations 


  • Presentation Structure
  • Content Development (review, rewrite, recommendations)
  • In-person Presentation Coaching and Consultations
  • Virtual Presentation Coaching and Consultations
  • Phone Coaching and Consultations
  • Visuals / Slide Show Review
  • Research